Top Fuel For Life

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Top Fuel For Life

Life Lessons from a Crew Chief

Top Fuel for Life is a true story of victory, unimaginable loss and the epiphany that changed everything.

NHRA Top Fuel Crew Chief Jim Oberhofer leads one of the most talked about drag racing teams in the country. Known for championship wins, raucous mosh pit celebrations and, of course, the team’s legendary chieftain, Connie the “Bounty Hunter” Kalitta, Oberhofer tells it straight-up: his personal struggles, the love he rediscovered, and the epiphany that guided him out of darkness. In a culture that champions success, winning, youth, fame and fortune, Oberhofer plants his flag for something greater in the wake of his wife, Tammy O, being diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic cancer.

Oberhofer’s true story about sin and sacrifice amidst the showy world of Top Fuel explores the elusive path to happiness. He urges readers not to wait for grief, loss or heartache to live a happy life. With his down to earth, belly-up-to-the-bar writing style that nicks the skin, he reminds us that choices define who we are and regret is rarely left to chance. Mournful of his mistakes, humorous in his storytelling, and always brutally honest, Top Fuel for Life is one man’s story that reveals the truth about the most important race of all, the race of life.

Top Fuel for Life Reviews:

In 2013, Jim Oberhofer’s wife Tammy was diagnosed with cancer. Top Fuel for Life is their love story

Jim Oberhofer wrote Top Fuel for Life to help others find the happiness he discovered after a lifetime of mistakes. The book was born from the simple fact that he didn’t want others to wait for tragedy to find clarity. Top Fuel for Life is one of the first memoirs about happiness delivered in a “straight up,” everyday man’s perspective and the lessons learned amidst Tammy Oberhofer’s courageous battle with cancer.

Fictional characters couldn’t be more interesting

Jim O combines brash humor and deep emotion in his stories. The people in his life walk off the page so that, by the end of the book, readers know them as old friends. People include: no-nonsense Grandma Hovenac, Jim O’s loving and understanding mother, his jaw-dropping comedic best friend Cowboy Bob, the sage advisor and drag racing veteran Pat Galvin, the iconic motorcycle entrepreneur and newsmaker Jesse James and, of course, one of the all-time celebrities of drag racing, Connie “The Bounty Hunter” Kalitta.

The story’s emotion meter is off the charts

Top Fuel for Life makes you feel everything – from regret to heartache to exhilaration to hope. The book is partitioned in three parts: Lies, Love and Truth. Through his personal stories, you’ll see the tension in Jim O’s marriage and the inner battles of both a husband and wife working side-by-side. You’ll feel the wrecking-ball of terminal illness, the angst of raising a rebellious teenager, the enlightenment that comes from impending loss, and the desperate hope to squeeze more time out of a 24-hour day. Ultimately, you’ll witness the greatest of all discoveries: the triumph of true love.

A book about faith

A surprisingly spiritual undertone runs through Top Fuel for Life. As Jim O struggles to reconcile his past mistakes and be the man he knew he was meant to be, the role of faith and his Roman Catholic upbringing plays an important part in helping him deal with his demons and even gives him strength to explain to others why bad things happen to good people.

There are lessons here for the lifelong learner

As a husband, father, crew chief of the Mac Tools Top Fuel dragster, and Vice President of Operations for Kalitta Motorsports, Jim O shares the lessons that have transformed his life both on and off the track: what it means to be a man, what it takes to be a champion and leader in the workplace, and how to embrace happiness first and foremost in the everyday race we call life.

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